Mauku v0.6.2 fixes Twitpocalypse
Henrik Hedberg @ Tue Jun 16 20:55:00 EEST 2009

Mauku is utilizing the JSON-C library that was affected by the Twitpocalypse bug. Version 0.6.2 is linked against a new version of the library that is patched to overcome the size limits of the ordinary integer type.

Version 0.6.1 was released earlier today to solve the issue, but due to Application Manager functionality, the JSON-C library was not updated even when the newer version was available. The version 0.6.2 forces the update of the external library.

Mauku v0.6.0 is compatible with new Jaiku API
Henrik Hedberg @ Fri Mar 20 21:30:00 EEST 2009

Mauku version 0.6.0 uses the new Jaiku API with OAuth authentication. Location support is removed, because Jaiku does not provide location info anymore.

This is a quick fix to make Mauku work again with Jaiku. Known limitations:

Mauku v0.5.6 is available in Maemo Extras
Henrik Hedberg @ Fri Oct 31 14:00:00 EEST 2008

From now on, Mauku is available in Maemo Extras for Diablo and future OS releases. The Innologies Package Repository will be closed for those OS releases after a short transition period.

Latest Mauku version introduces new icons drawn by Thomas Perl. In addition, two compatible icons are from Tango Desktop Project. Thanks to them for their efforts.

Mauku v0.5.4 enhances UI feedback
Henrik Hedberg @ Wed Aug 13 19:45:00 EEST 2008

Mauku v0.5.4 enhaces the user interface feedback by showing a warning if a feed cannot be updated. This release also fixes Twitter @replies.

Mauku v0.5.3 enhances Twitter support
Henrik Hedberg @ Tue Aug 12 22:30:00 EEST 2008

Mauku v0.5.3 adds Twitter specific features: view sent and received direct messages and @replies. Also some bugs have been crunched.

Mauku v0.5.1 fixes a bug
Henrik Hedberg @ Sat Aug 3 21:15:00 EEST 2008

A serious bug causing crashes is fixed in version 0.5.1. Please, update Mauku as soon as possible.

Mauku v0.5.0 supports Twitter
Henrik Hedberg @ Sat Aug 2 10:35:00 EEST 2008

Mauku supports Twitter now. Install the latest version 0.5.0 to use both Jaiku and Twitter with the same Maemo application.

Happy birthday, Mauku!
Henrik Hedberg @ Fri Jul 25 16:45:00 EEST 2008

Mauku is celebrating its first anniversary today (read more). And something big has happened! Mauku is not anymore the Jaiku client for Maemo. It is the microblogging client for Maemo supporting both Jaiku and Twitter!

The latest additions are available only in unstable development repository for now. The official version with the Twitter support will be released next week.

Happy birthday, Mauku!

Version 0.4.2 enhances gestures
Henrik Hedberg @ Thu Apr 10 21:00:00 EEST 2008

Version 0.4.2 makes gestures introduced in the previous version more visible. See the announcement about gestures below.

Version 0.4.1 introduces gestures
Henrik Hedberg @ Wed Apr 9 23:30:00 EEST 2008

The latest release of Mauku, version 0.4.1, introduces stylus gestures. In addition to tap-and-hold (context menu for links) and double tap (open the Jaiku) actions, the following stylus gestures are available:

The up and down directions are naturally reserved for dragging and kinetic scrolling.

Version 0.4.0 is out
Henrik Hedberg @ Sun Feb 18 19:00:00 EEST 2008

After a long beta test (unstable) period, the version 0.4.0 of Mauku has been released. This version is significantly more stable in Chinook, and has also support for LED and flite text-to-speech functionality.

If you want to use speech synthesizer, install also flite package. Note that the author of Mauku is not responsible for Flite for Maemo.

Version 0.3.2 is a minor update
Henrik Hedberg @ Sun Nov 18 19:00:00 EEST 2007

Mauku version 0.3.2 provides support for Flickr thumbnails and fixes couple of small bugs.

Version 0.3.1 fixes a severe bug
Henrik Hedberg @ Fri Nov 9 17:30:00 EEST 2007

Mauku version 0.3.1 fixes a severe memory leak causing a crash eventually. Please, update as soon as possible.

Mauku v0.3.0 with the source code released
Henrik Hedberg @ Thu Nov 8 20:30:00 EEST 2007

Version 0.3.0 is the first open source software release of Mauku. It has mainly internal improvements, but also the UI has modified a bit. The tap and hold menu providing links is the most significant new feature. Just update, and enjoy.

Mauku v0.2.10 released
Henrik Hedberg @ Mon Oct 29 16:30:00 EEST 2007

In Mauku v0.2.10, there is an improved send Jaiku/comments functionality and an option for new item notifications. Also some other improvements have been made.

Mauku v0.2.9 is ready for Chinook
Henrik Hedberg @ Mon Oct 22 18:00:00 EEST 2007

The Mauku application is ready for the latest Internet Tablet OS version 2008, codename Chinook. Thus, it will work on the whole spectrum of Internet Tablets: on 770, N800 and N810, as can be seen here. This version also adds some new menu options and finetunes the kinetic scrolling.

New and old Mauku users: just click the install link.

New project site opened
Henrik Hedberg @ Mon Oct 15 12:25:00 EEST 2007

The new project site has been opened: The project site is meant for communication between developers and users. You can submit bug reports and feature requests there. Later, the source code will be available too.

The old web pages continue to exists as an official home page for the application targeted for the end users. You can also continue to discuss about new features and bugs in the #mauku in Jaiku.

Joining Jaiku as a Mauku user
Henrik Hedberg @ Thu Oct 11 11:20:00 EEST 2007

Since Google acquired Jaiku, new user registrations have been closed for a while. However, the existing Mauku community have limited amount of invitations that can be used to join Jaiku. If you are planning to use Mauku and need an invitation, send an email to and give reasons for your invitation request. This is not a promise, and there is no guarantee that the email will be replied.

Version 0.2.8 introduces kinetic scrolling
Henrik Hedberg @ Sun Oct 7 20:00:00 EEST 2007

The cool kinetic scrolling is now available in Mauku. You can scroll the view by dragging it with a stylus or finger. After you have pushed the view into motion, it continues scrolling for a while.

Version 0.2.8 also fixes the broken location update functionality.

Version 0.2.7 fixes a posting problem
Henrik Hedberg @ Fri Oct 5 19:00:00 EEST 2007

Mauku suddenly stopped posting Jaikus yesterday, because the site had changed a little. This version fixes the issue.

Version 0.2.6 should display an update Mauku dialog when the application is (re)started. If you are still using older version, use the application manager or the install file to update. New users are also welcome! Just open the install file.

Mauku will be opened
Henrik Hedberg @ Fri Sep 28 21:30:00 EEST 2007

Mauku will be an open source software soon. There has been some discussion about the source code and interest of contributing the development. Thus, it seems to be beneficial to everyone to open the code. I am looking forward to active community developing the Jaiku client for Maemo environment to its perfection.

The decision changes the roadmap and delays the introduction of enhancements visible to end users. Next release will not contain any new features. Version 0.3.0 and related versions in the series of 0.3.x will be targeted to developers. After the most important contributions have been integrated into code base and stabilized, the version 0.4.0 for end users is released. There is no tight schedule for the releases, but the goal is that fully tested and approved series 0.4.x would turn into version 1.0.0 before the end of this year.

Version 0.2.6 released
Henrik Hedberg @ Wed Sep 19 10:00:00 EEST 2007

A new version with couple of bugfixes and minor features is released. You can now click an avatar icon when viewing user's Jaikus. Mauku will open the selected user's Jaiku homepage in a new browser window. This way you can, for example, add an user as a contact.

This version is planned to be the last version in the series of 0.2.x. The next version will contain major feature enhancements, such as better support for location updates. You will see...

Version 0.2.5 released
Henrik Hedberg @ Fri Sep 14 09:30:00 EEST 2007

An express rerelease: version 0.2.5 is out. Besides wonderful features of 0.2.4, it fixes a bug related to Jaikus posted by a channel. Install or update using Install Mauku link.

Version 0.2.4 released
Henrik Hedberg @ Thu Sep 13 21:50:00 EEST 2007

Version 0.2.4 brings support for d-pad and links, latest public Jaikus, as well as some minor enhancements. Install or update using Install Mauku link.

Version 0.2.3 released
Henrik Hedberg @ Thu Sep 06 17:00:00 EEST 2007

There is a bunch of new icons available when sending a Jaiku!

Version 0.2.2 released
Henrik Hedberg @ Tue Sep 04 11:00:00 EEST 2007

Various small enhancements that make life niftier. No fatal bugs are found or fixed. However, I suggest that you use Install Mauku link to update your feline.

Version 0.2.1 released
Henrik Hedberg @ Sun Aug 26 12:25:00 EEST 2007

This version fixes the bugs related to empty location string and discussion thread update. Both was causing Mauku to crash, so the update is strongly suggested. Simply, use the Install Mauku link.

Version 0.2.0 released
Henrik Hedberg @ Fri Aug 24 21:00:00 EEST 2007

Now it really miaouws! The Mauku version 0.2.0 contains a huge list of new features and improvements. In practice, it is a totally new beast. Check it out!

Install or upgrade Mauku by clicking the Install Mauku Now! button on the main page. You can also upgrade from previous version with the Application Manager.

Please note, that the application repository has changed. Remove the old repository with the Application Manager if you have used it. See the older news below.

Package repository changed
Henrik Hedberg @ Mon Aug 20 22:07:00 EEST 2007

The installation package repository has changed again. The old repository name contained the word Maemo that is a registered trademark. Please, use the new repositories as described here. The old name will work some time. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Version 0.1.4 released
Henrik Hedberg @ Fri Aug 17 09:40:00 EEST 2007

The new version 0.1.4 of Mauku is just released! It resolves the conflict with Canola by forcing an update of the JSON library that both projects are using. Thus, the library package has renamed from libjson to json. Other fixes and enhancements include workaround for GTK+ bug causing some Jaikus to allocate too much vertical space in the screen and character counter in the Send Jaiku dialog.

The package repository has changed! Remove the old Mauku Repository with the Application Manager and use the new Innologies Maemo Package Repository by clicking the install button on the right. After the upgrade, the libjson package can be safely removed with the Application Manager.

There are also packages for 770 available now! Actually, those are the very same packages than for N800, but the dependencies field has hacked to not check the library versions. However, the package repository is different, so N800 and 770 versions may evolve separate paths in the future.

Conflicts with Canola
Henrik Hedberg @ Mon Jul 31 11:30:00 EEST 2007

I found that the Mauku installation conflicts with Canola. If you have Canola installed, you propably cannot use Mauku. There will be a fix soon, so please be patient.

Version 0.1.3 released
Henrik Hedberg @ Mon Jul 30 17:30:00 EEST 2007

Minor enhancements and fixes to installation procedure and LibOSSO/D-BUS integration.

Version 0.1.2 released
Henrik Hedberg @ Thu Jul 26 14:45:00 EEST 2007

This version has only minor modifications. The first letters are not capitalized in Setting dialog any more. There is also a proper feed escaping, that may fix the bug causing crashes in one feed.

Use your Application Manager to update Mauku, or install the newest version.