Mauku brings micro-blogging into Maemo environment. It currently supports Jaiku and Twitter. The application works in all Nokia Internet Tablet devices, i.e. Nokia N810, Nokia N800 and Nokia 770.

With Mauku, you can post Jaikus and Tweets, a short blog posts about what are you doing. You can also follow what are your friends doing, and comment their Jaikus. In addition, the application enables you to change your location information on the fly. See Usage Instructions for more information.

The Finnish verb Maukua means to miaouw, and thus Mauku is a term of endearment for a cat. It is not just a coincidence that Mauku uses a library called Miaouw. Check out what kind of feline is this application!


Do you need a Jaiku invitation?

Since Google acquired Jaiku, new user registrations have been closed for a while. However, the existing Mauku community have limited amount of invitations that can be used to join Jaiku.

To get an invitation, please visit Jaiku invites.

Interested? Any comments? Bugs, really?

If you are interested in Mauku, there is the channel #mauku in Jaiku for users. In Twitter, you can follow mauku to receive latest information about the application.

Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted on the Mauku project site in Garage. You can also discuss about those in the #mauku channel.

Download & Install

Install Mauku now!

Installation is compatible with 770, with N800 and even with N810 (see release notes).

Usage instructions

Package repository information


If you want to hear new Jaikus, Mauku can speak those for you. Text-to-Speech functionality requires Flite package.

Install Flite (optional, about 2.7 MB)

Text-to-Speech is not working in OS2006.


Mauku v0.6.2 fixes Twitpocalypse
Tue Jun 16 20:55:00 EEST 2009

Mauku v0.6.0 is compatible with new Jaiku API
Fri Mar 20 21:30:00 EEST 2009

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Mauku is licensed under the Apache Licence, v2. The source code is available in Maemo Garage. All kinds of contributions are welcome: patches, documentation, art work, etc.

Mauku project page in Maemo Garage


Application by Henrik Hedberg

Logo by Kaisu Hedberg
Icons by Thomas Perl and Tango Desktop Project

In Cooperation with

Linux and Maemo developers training in Finland